The Long and Winding Road Less Travelled

Every clear section of road gave views that were both spectacular and horrifying. ūüėÄ
Note the lack of the center line in this section. Just barely enough room for two small vehicles to meet.
Gorgeous route, but not for the faint of heart.

Yesterday, we had company visiting from Greensboro, so we decided to take a quick trip to Galax VA. ¬†When the GPS suggested a scenic route, we were happy to check it out. ¬†Once we crossed the state line, the street dropped from a standard 2-lane-byway to an unlined … well … um … I guess you could call it a paved trail. ¬†Having driven on similar roads throughout the Scottish highlands, we not only expected to see sheep in the road, but were reminded why the Scots settled here. ¬†Along the left side, a large section abuts Hawks State Forest. ¬†The views are breathtaking and the curves are plentiful, unmarked, and should be taken slowly.