Steve “The Sign Guy”

If you open a shop in Mount Airy, it’s just a matter of time before you meet Steve.  He doesn’t have business cards, but he does have a tattoo that identifies him as a sign painter.  When he stopped in our shop, he quickly, and charmingly, showed me the tattoo, and regaled me with stories of his sign painting wizardry.  Indeed …  over the past 31 years he has hand-painted thousands of store windows in the greater Mount Airy area.  Walk down Main street, or ANY street, and you will see his work.  It is unmistakable.

When we first met, and I asked how I could reach him to arrange for our front door to be painted, he just said, “Ask anyone where to find me.  Everyone knows Steve the Sign Guy.”  And he was right.  Steve is a Mount Airy fixture; the paint-speckled embodiment of everything that is good about moving to a small town.  He is a handshake and a smile.  Eye contact.  Personality with a tad of eccentricity.  Cash for a job well done.  I am honored to have an original “Steve the Sign Guy” hand painted on the front door of my store.  Nothing could make me feel more woven into the fabric of this town!


Steve’s just finished the door sign for The Groovy Goose
Large parking sign on side of Rustic Revival on Pine Street. Steve gave it the perfect weathered look!
Sign by Steve for Leon’s Burger Express on Main Street.
Sign by Steve for Mount Airy Cyclery on Oak Street.